About Us

Azarmehr Law Group (ALG) is an Austin-based immigration law firm with strategic partnerships in San Antonio, Texas; London, UK; Monterrey, México; Shanghai, China; and São Paulo, Brazil. We help dynamic companies and people to achieve their immigration objectives. With roots extending back to 1992, ALG has become part of the fabric of Central Texas. We are the largest locally owned and managed immigration firm in Austin.


This is our passion. A majority of our staff are immigrants and have personal experience with U.S. immigration processes. This gives us a sense of empathy, passion, and determination to be highly effective in our job. Serving our clients and successfully completing an immigration process is our passion.

Our vision is to be a place where people love their work, provide great service to clients and support the community. We are a team of experienced and effective professionals who are passionate about the needs of their clients, dedicated to creating an environment of open communication, honesty, dignity and respect, as well as actively participating in the community. We have a sense of urgency about serving our clients and we take pride in striving to provide exceptional service to them. We accomplish this by selecting and retaining Great People, serving Great Clients and focusing on Great Execution.

We believe that humanizing the workplace is not only compatible with business success, but is a competitive advantage. Our culture allows our people to grow in their relationships with our clients, as well as providing them with a workplace focused on family and the community.

This culture is built on a foundation of people dedicated to:


  • Encouraging open communication;
  • Creating an environment where people are motivated by empowerment rather than by fear;
  • Serving our clients with the highest regard for competency, compassion and courtesy;
  • Committing ourselves and living up to our commitments;
  • Treating everyone with honesty, dignity and respect; and
  • Participating actively in the community.

In collaboration with our team of local counsel, ALG can provide outbound immigration legal services to the following countries:


  • Australia, Brazil,
  • Canada, China,
  • France, Germany,
  • Hong Kong, India,
  • Japan, Mexico,
  • New Zeland, Spain,
  • United Kingdom, Ireland and Ukraine
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