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Ashley Wacasey

“For the past four years, I have had the privilege of working with ALG. Every single person that has helped on one of our cases has been nothing but professional, honest, and hard-working. The oil and gas industry often has impossible deadlines to meet, but ALG steps up to the challenge and makes things happen on time every time. I always brag about ALG to my peers, and don’t know what I would do without them.”


Ashley Wacasey
Visa & Travel Services Supervisor

Nancy Lee

“I wanted to say thank you for all you and your firm have done for Jacksonville ISD and for me personally during these years we have worked together. You have always been professional and responsive to our needs. On a specific note, I want to expressly commend Lena for all the work she has done for us. I have worked with four different immigration law firms in the past, and I can say without reservation that Lena is absolutely the best! She is so very efficient, helpful and always responsive to the client’s needs. She has always gone above and beyond to help in any way she can. She has researched issues for me, and is always on top of every situation. And she has been so patient with me, as I am very detail-oriented and ask lots of questions! You are truly blessed to have her, and any firm would be fortunate to have her working for them. She is one of the main reasons that I have always wanted to stay with your firm. Thank you for assigning her to our district. We have truly been blessed by her work and her wonderfully kind spirit throughout these years. Many times, we appreciate people but fail to let them know. Lena truly deserves our admiration and thanks.”


Nancy Lee
Director of Human Resources
Jacksonville ISD
Jacksonville, TX 75766
Phone: 1.903.586.6511

John Hunter

“We, Acme Brick company, have utilized the services of Azarmehr and Associates, P.C., for the past 6 years. As a client of Mr. Azarmehr, we have experienced exceptional service relative to all of our company’s immigration requirements and matters. I can highly recommend his firm’s services based upon our past and current association with his office.”


John Hunter
Acme Brick
2821 West 7th St, Ft Worth, TX 76107
Phone: 1.877.792.4321

Marichu G. Carampatan

“I am glad to inform you that our US Immigrant Visas arrived and we will be moving to Laredo Texas soon. I would like to Thank You for all that you do with my case, from filling to recapturing, all the follow ups with USCIS and NVC and for all the support and assistance with my queries and request. I am very grateful and I appreciate your talents and expertise on this matter. God bless all of you and more power to Azarmehr & Associates.” 


Marichu G. Carampatan

Maxine Totoe

“My husband being as obsessive about this whole process as he has been, happened to check the case status today and it said “On August 29, 2013, we ordered production of your new card”. I am so excited about that. You have really worked diligently on our behalf and I can not thank you enough for that. I am so very grateful. My husband says he would kiss you if you were close by! Hahaha… I just wanted to give you a heads up. God bless you loads.” 


Maxine Totoe

Steve Bacillieri

“At the beginning of 2010, I faced  a grave situation in an attempt to acquire a VISA to bring my foreign wife home after our marriage of 1 year. I had initially hired a local  Attorney approx. 7 months before that I had found through Google… an Immigration Attorney listed in the area where I lived. As the President of an International Electronics Company, I did not have adequate the time to spend on the process, forms, the red-tape due to a large work load, responsibility & monthly International travel besides family obligations.


My case was very unusual & complicated… not only by the incompetence of the first hired Firm, but do the requested Police Reports by our NVC (National Visa Center) from an unfriendly Middle Eastern Country where my wife resided as a Foreign Worker. Also, inconsistencies in the NVC procedure & required info needed during our original submission.  The first US NVC response was returned with their “Check-List” requesting a great amount of info & detail originally submitted…info originally submitted yet they did not acknowledged (my employer, my Support & Tax inform, misread residency info,  etc, etc). Much of this information was contained in the approved Homeland Security I-797.Due to the request of unnecessary information from the NVC, my case had been severely delayed & affected. But my new Leal Council corrected all inconsistencies & we received our Police report early!!


Through the diligence of Mehron & Associates who took over in January, today I now have my wife’s VISA complete & final.


Mehron Azarmehr & Associates is indeed a very professional organization who proved to be very effective in handling a case that was most difficult.  I would highly recommend this Firm for anyone who seeks both professional as well as personalized representation for all Immigration matters.”


Steve Bacillieri
Leotek Electronics Corp.

Gina S. Benedito

“I am so grateful that you were there and your agency helping me/us facilitate the processing of our/my papers in the U.S. attorney. I am so thankful of your efficient service. Without your help and your agency’s help, I don’t know how I would do it…. thank you so much for everything attorney! May the Lord reward you for all your efforts!”


Gina S. Benedito

Dr. Luis Medina

“One key aspect on helping Mexican entrepreneurs enter successfully the US market is to ensure that they comply with all immigration requirements. This is a very serious matter and there is no room for improvising; this is why we recommend our companies to work with a very professional and effective law firm: Azarmehr & Associates, P.C.”


Dr. Luis M Medina
CEO / Director General
Technology Business Accelerator
3925 West Braker Lane, Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 1.512.305.0974

Hector Quintanar

“Just a brief note to thank your company for accomplishing Alejandro’s VISA approval. Very pleased with your service and love to refer your company to other people. Once again thanks a lot.” 


Hector Quintanar
Trade Management Solutions LLP.
1970 Rawhide Drive Suite 316, Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone 1.512.246.3719

Andrea Burkle

“I am writing to than you for all your help and the excellent work that you and your staff did for me. I received my Permanent Resident Card for ten years last week and I feel very fortunate to have you as my Lawyer. I’m going to refer your firm to all the people that I know that are struggling with the same situation so you can help them as well. Miss Vi Nanthaveth was my legal assistant and she did and outstanding job and showed a lot of patience to me. Again, thank you for everything and I’ll make sure to contact you when the right time come to apply for my citizenship so I can do it through you too.”


Andrea Burkle

The Bertaud Family

“We don’t know how to express our gratitude and thank you enough for your help and amazing generosity.  It meant so much for our future.  We are profoundly touched by such a great kindness and are feeling blessed to experience it.  People like you make America a wonderful place to live and feel home.”


The Bertaud Family

Carlos Porteny

“I would like to thank Blanca Trevino as well as Mr. Azarmehr for the way everything was handeld to get my Residency and Green Card last September. I received very good service during the process from the law office. We got the appointment in Juarez very fast and the most valuable thing for me was that EVERYTHING during the interview went smooth and nice. There was NOTHING missing, not one single paper. If that would be the case, they would make me get another appointment maybe a few months after this one. To take the trip and stay there for a week was expensive and really scary.The work to get everything ready before the appointment is really worth it, especially when they tell you “You are approved to be a “Resident of the USA.”


Carlos Porteny

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